About Ewopharma

Ewopharma is the successor company to M.R. Leclerc & Co., founded in 1959. From the start, our focus has been on building bridges to the pharmaceutical markets of Central Eastern Europe. Much has changed in the region since 1959 – both economically and politically – and over this period we have gained an in-depth understanding of the markets and an esteemed standing there.
While we started purely as a marketing partner for pharmaceutical companies, we have since acquired and launched proprietary products. Our brand Revalid® - a product line for holistic hair care and hair loss treatment - was developed in 1992 in Switzerland. In 2011, we acquired Irish healthcare company Newport Pharmaceuticals Ltd. giving us full ownership of the antiviral drug Isoprinosine® in the same year. Overseen by our head office in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, we now channel our industry knowledge and experience into the successful placement of both Ewopharma and partner brands in our target markets. In 2004, we joined the RX-Alliance, a professional cooperation network of successful pharmaceutical companies active in selected European markets.